Parallel RM8+ Worflow Activities

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Parallel RM8+ Worflow Activities

I am fairly new to workflows and I have only created a few simple test workflows, so I’m wondering if I could obtain some feedback on more complicated workflows?

I have been given a project to create a workflow for our town planning department which contains 3 parallel activities that do not necessarily need to start at the same time (sorry a little bit confusing so I will include the process).

I am able to set up parallel activities however they all run at the same time and on the occasion we may only need 1 activity to start so has anyone successfully done this. An example of the process that I am trying to create a workflow on in RM8 is attached.


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Re: Parallel RM8+ Worflow Activities

Following to ensure I see responses...

I've been trying to get something like this working for a while now. Not possible as far as I can tell. Every time I try to modify the dates associated with an activity I get ridiculous messages...


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Re: Parallel RM8+ Worflow Activities

You might want to consider using Actions over workflows. Actions allow the responsible location to complete their action before or after other actions in the procedure.

It allows for a little more freedom, where as workflows need to happen in the designated order

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