Overview of Copy Style

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Overview of Copy Style

In the copy style tab under defaults in either Record Type or Classification there are certain things listed that I don't understand:

1) What is meant by Existing Items?  Is this existing items of the record type or classification?  So that you if you change the default access of the record type or classification it will be reflected in the existing record of that record type or classification unless you choose "Ignore the access control on this object (Not Referenced)."

2) Under "Existing Items" what is meant by "checking access" in the phrase  "When checking access to items based on this object:" 

3) Under "New Items" what is meant by "Set access control on the created item to be the same as this one." This statement is confusing?  Same as what one?  What is the writer making reference to?

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Re: Overview of Copy Style


Existing items - determines how HPE Records Manager applies the Access Control to existing records/Workflows that were created with this Record Type/Category/Workflow template. So any records/workflows that already exisit in the dataset.

Checking access - so for an exisiting item you either have the option to apply the access control on the record type plus any exisiting AC's or ignore the AC's that have been applied to the record type. This is the check access, it reviews what is on the record and then either updates or ignores.

"Set access control on the created item to be the same as this one" - select for HPE Records Manager to copy and apply the same Access Control setting to new records/Workflows based on this object. So new records created based on this record type will inherit the access controls of the record type. As in the "what" is the record type


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