Offline Records

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Offline Records

Hi all,


We are recieving an increasing number of calls regarding documents that are not appearing in TRIM after saving from Word.  It appears that the documents are sitting in Offline Records as a DRAFT and not pushing through into TRIM.


We upgraded from XP to Windows 7 late last year running TRIM 7 Build 1157.


Any advice on how to fix issue would be greatly appreicated.




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Re: Offline Records

Probably worth checking their user options under the Integration tab are set to "Work directly with HP TRIM". Otherwise the default is to just save to Offline Records as a draft.


Also this thread is probably worth a read.


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Re: Offline Records

Option is definetly checked to worked directly with TRIM, whats unusual is that some documents save to TRIM and some save to offline records.

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Re: Offline Records

We are running 7.2.1 and have had similar issues.

one thing we have found is that the number of records (draft documents & folders) in offline has a negative effect on the speed of TRIM, chances of them checking in correctly etc etc.




Once we clean out offline records (including deleting empty fodlers and the like leftover using explorer as well as TRIM) and then turn onthe option to 'automatically clean up emtpy folders' it appears to work pretty well.