Notes Tab in TRIM

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Notes Tab in TRIM

We recently migrated DB2 to SQL Server our TRIM Repository


One of the issues is under Notes TAB which is second tab from left (first one being Properties) which reads Notes field



Notes data is Garbled as see below


""Completed Action: Refer to Manager   This record finalised - NH""


 There are two special characters within, which seem to be appearing there, with no line breaks.

However Under previous Client 6.2.5 we could see clearly adequate line breaks

Completed Action: Refer to Manager

This record finalised - NH   


Any assistance will be appreciated.


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Re: Notes Tab in TRIM

Just found a temporary solution


TRIM indeed leaves no carriage returns within and the content is not readable and the only quick way to fix this is to EDIT NOTES and ADD some characters or words wihtin (No edits, only adding), and this will reformat the content to as usual with adequate line breaks within.


Works for now with no extra efforts to avoid any further conversionc etc, with no extra cost in terms of time and other efforts.