Nota able to view 'Alert' function

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Nota able to view 'Alert' function

As you can see from the attachment, the 'Alerts' function is deemded. How can I enable the feature?


I've already ensure that System Options -> Features -> Alerts  is tick, why I still cannot use the 'Alerts' feature? Any idea?

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Re: Nota able to view 'Alert' function

Make sure that you have done this:


1.In HP Records Manager Enterprise Studio, right-click the dataset to set up Alerts for, and on the Event Processing menu, click Configure to display the Configure Event Processing dialogue box

2.For Mail Notification, select Enabled.
You can configure email notifications in the HPRecords Manager Enterprise Studio Email Server dialogue box:
In the main Enterprise Studio window, right-click General, and then click Properties.

3.For Alerts Service, select Enabled

4.Click Deploy to deploy the new configuration to the Workgroup Servers

5.The user Location to receive the Alert email notifications must have an Internet type SMTP format (abc@xyz.something) email address in HP Records Manager:

a. In HP Records Manager, right-click the user Location and click Properties 

b.The email address needs to have the correct properties according to the e-mail system they use.


6.The user creating an Alert must also have an Internet type SMTP format e-mail address in HP Records Manager


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