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My Containers always offered in context menu if one or more records are tagged


My Containers always offered in context menu if one or more records are tagged

A user was confused about the Send To>My Containers context menu option because it was always offered when she had records checked, but when she tried to send them to the tray, nothing was added and no messages were given about success or failure.  She is using Trim 6.2.3


I verified this happens in Trim  If I just have an individual item highlighted (no items tagged) in a search results list, the context menu omits Send To>My Containers unless a container record is actually what is selected.  If I have any records tagged, Send To>My Containers is always offered even if no container records are tagged.  It would be a bit more user-friendly if it was only offered in the menu when it is applicable, or at least not silently fail to add items to the tray.


Would the developers be interested in adding this enhancement or do they prefer to leave it the way it is?

Neil Summers
HPE Expert

Re: My Containers always offered in context menu if one or more records are tagged

As I understand it the impact on the database, and delay for the user, would be unacceptable if TRIM had to analyse the complete list of tagged records' properties each time before displaying the context (right-click) menu. Imagine if a user had searched for, and tagged, thousands (or millions) of records.


I suspect it would be more feasible to display a confirmation dialog box after the operation, such as "x records added to My Containers". A logical extension of this might be if the number is zero, to give a brief suggestion of reasons why, e.g. "...this may be because none of the selected records are containers."


(P.S. Although this forum is a good place to ask others for their opinion, it's not the place to officially log an enhancement request. There's a facility in HP Software Support Online under the Short-cuts list to submit an enhancement request if you believe it would be a good addition to the product.)


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