Keyword limit searching TRIM

Anton de Tombe
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Keyword limit searching TRIM



I wonder if there is a keyword limit tot search for document content within TRIM.

Is there a limitation for sql? or is it unlimited?


We have to search trough a lot of documents and need to be very specific.


thanks for any reply


Anton de Tombe

Jason Boswell
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Re: Keyword limit searching TRIM

I checked the specification and limitation document but could find no reference there.


I tested 20 terms and the search executed but I got no results. Not so surprising there as it processes the terms as an AND clause.


With your more varried documents I would continue to test further number however I personally wouldn't see any users going beyond 20 terms.

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Re: Keyword limit searching TRIM

Hi Jason


I wonder if you do a OR search there is a limitation, except for the time out on the database.

Maybe the SQL is limited, or the nummer of parameters. If not, its just up to the servers capacity and patience?


We are searching for a way to get unique results and a large search give unique records back. While multiple searches can return the same records.


Thanks in advance for reading.