Installation customize questions..

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Installation customize questions..

We use the administrative install to create customized client install packages for our customer. However there are a few things I'd like to know if they can be customized. I've yet to find them in the administrative install. But maybe they can be via the script install method. But haven't found these in the documentation for it either.


1. Prevent creation of a Program Group totally. We uncheck everything when creating the admin install. However still a program group is created with a link to the user guide. We have to tell the install team to remove the program group as part of their script when an install is done. Or they have have to do it manually if for some reason they manually install the admin install. Is there any way to prevent the creation of a program group?


2. Set default record type as part of Email integration. This kept under the following registry key


[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TOWER Software\TRIM5\OutlookAddin\ourDBIDnumber\Folders]


The value is "RecordTypeName" and we want it set to a Record Type in our Dataset. This would be easy enough to set by running a .reg file after the install. But this is kept under the current_user registry hive. So this makes setting it difficult for the install team.


3. Remove icons from the Email integration altogether.  We don't need the icons "Find" or "Send Attachment(s) to Offline Records" for instance. Is there any way to set what icons show up on the toolbar or customize it in any way like other toolbars in Windows? If so will this be saved for the next time Outlook is opened?


4. Is there a way to remove altogether the HP Compose toolbar that comes up when you open a new email and have it go away for future emails? You can remove it by unchecking it from being displayed by right in an open area in the toolbar area. But it comes back the next email you open.


All of these items we'd ideally like to be able to set during the install so users don't have to set them.

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Re: Installation customize questions..

I'm sorry but I don't have much help here.


1. I checked all the install switches and could only find a way to change the program group name CTRIMGRP. Looks like the answer is no and you'ill need to clean this up afterwards.


2. Yep you need to use the registry key for this, I checked global settings and its not in this list.


3. Yes I checked Office2007 and TRIM7, if you remove the icons with the customise option and  they options are saved next time you open Outlook.


4. Doesn't look too bar in Office2007, as its just a extra menu item on ribbon toolbar.