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Import into TRIM attaching the electronic records

Alby White
Regular Contributor.

Import into TRIM attaching the electronic records


A user has asked whether we can do a mass import into TRIM attaching the electronic records with the import. Can this be done?


Also, the Import/Export function is not available from my Context Administration. Does this need to be installed separately, and if so, how?




Sander Hoogwerf
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Re: Import into TRIM attaching the electronic records

During the installation you have to tick a separate option to have TRIMPort installed. Then the for administrators the option in the menu will appear. For other users it's an option in their profile.


For the actual import itself, you must have a column "dos-file" where you can embed a relative path to the file and in the import wizard you can set your base path.

As for how to setup your import file, you can first export an existing record and see how it's done.

Remember to test your import in a non-production environment first to get familiar with it. We have found that using TRIMPort can have some unwanted side effects so we built our own import tool so we have more control over the import.

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