Import /Export Issues

Sarah Godfrey-L
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Import /Export Issues

I use 6.2.2 and can't seem to see the tick box for 'Update on Duplicate' on the Import/Export Wizard so that I can untick it.

This version also seems to cancel the import if there are errors - rather than run the whole import file. Is this a SPER that has been fixed or something I have missed?


I am trying to import retention schedules using a .csv file. I have taken out any blank columns, but still have errors.

Is is best to import the top levels first then the second and then the third - so that I run 3 imports??? I recall that this is what I've had to do in the past to ease the error issue??

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Re: Import /Export Issues

Depending on what you're importing, the option for Update on Duplicate just isn't available.  I believe it's only for importing Records, NOT Retention Schedules or classifications, etc.