Icon not displayed with external link

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Shameer Ummer
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Icon not displayed with external link



I am trying to deploy an exteranl link to all the users. I have creatd the external link in a custom toolbar and assigned an icon to it. Then I saved the settings as the global settings. Now for other users, I assume there are two ways of getting that external link - 1) by performing a 'get global settings' 2) by right clicking the toolbar, then selecting 'Customize' -> 'Commands' -> 'External links' and then dragging the external link to the tool bar.


In method 2, in the customize window, the icon that was assigned to the link is not displayed and my custom toolbar is not available in the toolbars list. But if I do a 'get global settings', I get the custom tool bar and external link inside it with the icon. Many users have already customized their toolbars and they would not prefer to 'get global settings' as their settings are going to be overwritten. If the users choose method 2 to get the external link, how can the icon be made availble with link? Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.





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Re: Icon not displayed with external link

In method 2, they are basically creating the button like you did before you saved global.  In other words, unless they do a get global, they won't get the icon you selected for it.  It'll just be a matter of them adding their own icon to the button.