Here we go again - Unknown Locations

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Here we go again - Unknown Locations

We have 500 "ghosts" at the moment.  I have written the steps that I have generally been taking to manage each unknown location - see attached please.  Yes, there are many steps but I am quite quick at this process by now.  However, as we are short staffed at the moment and the "ghosts" seem to be renewing as fast as I "replace" them, I was wondering if anyone managing unknown locations would be able to scan the list attached and comment upon it,  in terms of the steps they take to manage the ghostly locations?  Feedback may be helpful for me to shorten my 35 steps.


Sounds like a movie "The 35 Steps to Killing TRIM Ghosts". 


Thank you


EDIT - I have pasted the Steps below, sort of, as couldn't get the Doc to attach here.  Used Insert from Word so the numbering has gone funny. 

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Re: Here we go again - Unknown Locations



  1. 1.      Go to Search
  2. 2.      Click on Find Locations
  3. 3.      Click on the Filter tab
  4. 4.      Right-click and choose Un-tag All
  5. 5.      Tick “unknown”
  6. 6.      Click OK


  1. 7.      If you know the replacement Location, click on File then on Delete
  2. 8.      In the Replacement box, type in the name of the location or part of it ( use * before and/or after the search term, to broaden the search – may be best to type in “surname” )
  3. 9.      Click on the yellow Kwik-select box to look at the list of results
  4. 10.   Highlight the required location ( you can use Show  - Contact records to clarify )
  5. 11.   Click OK
  6. 12.   Important:  If needed, where it has “If the Location has any Email Address” TICK the “Copy Email addresses to the replacement location”
  7. 13.   Important:  Where it has “If the Email has any associated locations” TICK the “Copy Associated locations to the replacement location”
  8. 14.   Click OK again and wait a moment, as the “ghost” is replaced


  1. 15.   If you don’t know the replacement location, highlight location and right click
  2. 16.   Go down to Show and hover mouse, left click on “Show Contact Records”
  3. 17.   Double click on an email to open it
  4. 18.   Read emails to see if you can identify the name ( person or organisation ) that the “ghostly” email relates to


  1. 19.   If  you can’t work out who the person/organisation is, copy the email address
  2. 20.   Paste it into Google and investigate to see if you can the person / organisation
  3. 21.   If you are confident that you have found the correct person/organisation, write down the details
  4. 22.   Follow steps 8 to 14 above


  1. 23.   If the location is not in TRIM, create it.  Right click on the “ghost” and left click on Properties
  2. 24.   Next to the word “Type” there is a white box with a little drop-down arrow, click on the arrow and choose Organisation or Person
  3. 25.   For a person click on Details, type in Mr or Ms and type in the person’s surname and first name, and type in their Job Title if they have one.  For a significant organisation type in address details.
  4. 26.   Click on OK – the replacement will have a red person (icon) next to it, rather than a “person with a question mark”.   DO NOT REFRESH YOUR COMPUTER


  1. 27.   If you have identified that the person belongs to an organisation, after you have created the New Person, right click on the person’s name in the list view pane.
  2. 28.   Click on Associations
  3. 29.   Highlight “Member of” and click on Add to the right
  4. 30.   Search for the Organisation the person belongs to, and click OK to add it
  5. 31.   Click on OK again


  1. 32.   If the Organisation is not in TRIM, create it via right clicking anywhere in the white space, hover mouse over New Location and clicking on New Organisation
  2. 33.   Type in the name of the organisation
  3. 34.   Click on the Address tab to type in the address  (phone & fax numbers not needed)
  4. 35.   If you refreshed your computer and the “replacement” person in the List Pane has disappeared, you will have to search for the person in your Locations table to add the Organisation (if you can remember whom the person was).



IMPORTANT – refreshing or closing the screen will re-list the “ghosts”


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Re: Here we go again - Unknown Locations

Don't forgot that you can just convert an unknown person to a known person by going into the properties and changing the type drop-down. The rest of it looks reasonable.
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Re: Here we go again - Unknown Locations

Realistically, I'd want to know where the ghosts are coming from. Usually it's because you have the setting of converting email addy's/contacts to TRIM Locations turned on. Thus every time an email is cataloged into TRIM, it converts all From: To:, cc:, and Bcc: addresses to locations (I think it does for the cc: and Bcc: , might be wrong on that one), IF the email addresses don't match with any current TRIM Location email addresses.
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Re: Here we go again - Unknown Locations

Thanks Eric, I hadn't thought of that, meaning when I did know who it was I always used "Delete - Replace" but it's quicker just right-clicking and going into properties, & changing the Location to "Person". I'm glad that you helped.
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Re: Here we go again - Unknown Locations

Thank you TRIMGuru,

Chapter 4 - Systems Options Record Tab states: "When creating Records from an e-mail message: Convert all recipients to contacts for the Record - select for HP TRIM to create recipient addresses as Contacts in HP TRIM and attach them to the new record. This option will not capture any recipients in the BCC field."

We want email addresses to be converted to locations, and I am investigating converting an obscure email address to a "Distribution List" as many strange unknown email addresses come up in BCC or CC and are part of a big long distribution list for a particular activity.

I have asked staff not to register emails with numerous CCs and BCCs but to send them to Records as hardcopies for registering, and some comply with that. I have asked the manager to train users on how to create new locations themselves, but that hasn't happened so far.

Will keep plugging away. Thanks again
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Re: Here we go again - Unknown Locations

Sorry to reply to myself.  I think my Steps from 23 above show that I use "right click and Properties" to create a new location, when the location is NOT in the Locations Table.  Just to clarify I do that when the "ghostly" email shows a complete name, i.e. consisting of a first name and a surname, so I can do that.  If I know the Location matching a "ghostly" email, e.g. an internal staff member, is IN the TRIM Database/Locations list (table), then of course I have to use DELETE - REPLACE.   Hope I didn't confuse anyone with my Reply to Eric.   :)