HPRM 8.1.1 Client - Folders within Folders?

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HPRM 8.1.1 Client - Folders within Folders?



For our current project, we have a requirement to create a folder structure where the users can organize their records. This basically means creating multiple levels of record containers, or as we call it, “putting folders within folders”, to better organize all the records you add to HPRM (just like you would do in Windows Explorer or in Sharepoint).


However, a record cannot have a container that is of the same Record Type, so.... What is a recommended solution here? I can create multiple record types and call them folder1, folder2, folder3, etc. and make them all behave the same but with different container levels, but that would be hard to understand for the end users, and hard to maintain going forward. Is there a real way of using just one record type and creating records contained by other records of the same type?

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Re: HPRM 8.1.1 Client - Folders within Folders?

You can alternatively contain a record within a record of the same record type and if users have the option "Include Records with the 'Alternatively within' relationship when displaying the contents of a folder" then this gives you the visual format you want,

but there are  gotchas! (of course) a few are :-

  1. The folder that is alternatively contains can't inherit security from the folder you linked it to
  2. Searches using container clauses with need to also use altcontainer clauses
  3. records management disposition rules don't apply, so seting the disposition of a folder wont set the disposition of the folders that are alternatively contained within it.


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Re: HPRM 8.1.1 Client - Folders within Folders?

There are multiple options here and 3rd party modules that can help create a folder structure automatically.

The end result though is that content which falls under the one classification and retention schedule/period should be in the same folder, so you will still end up with a large list of containers that users have to deal with.

A better option in my opinion is to keep using a single folder type that is record compliant, then group them into projects or teams etc using a virtual folder that you 'Alternatively Contain' the main folders in to.

Users then have a logical grouping of content without breaking any rules.

Good luck!