HPRM - Unable to see Saved Searches

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HPRM - Unable to see Saved Searches

Hi guys,

Please help!

I have tried to find out the reason why this happen and I would give it up :(

When any user is added into a specific ACL, they are no longer able to see Saved Searches that owned by another ACL.

Here you go:

1) I can confirmed that the user is a member of the ACL_MLB_CBS_Records Services ACL

Also confirmed that the ACL is useable by Everyone:

The problem is whenever this one the ACL named ACL_NZ_CBS_Records Services_SECURE added, Saved Searches for all group user is a member are invisible.

When user is not member of ACL_NZ_CBS_Records Services_SECURE:

When added to the ACL_NZ_CBS_Records Services_SECURE he is only able to see saved searched where his individual name is the owner.

This does appear to be an issue with the group itself. It affects any user who is added to the ACL_NZ_CBS_Records_Services_SECURE group

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Re: HPRM - Unable to see Saved Searches

Can you screenshot the saved searches properties.