HP TRIM Web service - enclose record

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HP TRIM Web service - enclose record

Hi all,


I try to enclose a record in a container by web service. 

I use the "Create" object. Code is here:



InputProperty Container = new InputProperty();
ContainerProp.Name = "recContainer";
ContainerProp.Val = "1023";

InputProperty Enclosed = new InputProperty();
Enclosed.Name = "recIsEnclosed";
Enclosed.Val = "true";


InputProperty Title = new InputProperty();
Title.Name = "recTypedTitle";
Title.Val = sTitle;

InputProperty Type = new InputProperty();
Type.Name = "recRecordType";
Type.Val = "23";


Create create = new Create();
create.VerifyAndCreateWarning = true;
create.Saving = true;
create.TrimObjectType = "Record";
create.Items = new InputProperty[] { Container, Enclose, Title, Type };


TrimRequest request = new TrimRequest();
request.Items = new Operations[] { create };


TrimResponse response = engine.Execute(request);



The response has no errors, but created record is not enclosed. I can enclose the record in a conatiner by HP TRIM client, but I need to do it by my application.


Any ideas?


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