HP Record Manager V8.3 - Load Testing

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HP Record Manager V8.3 - Load Testing


I am responsible for testing a Trim Upgrade (from V6 to RM8.3). 

I am trying to find some information as to how to load test RM8.3 (capture response times for 1000 users logging on in the space of an hour, capture reponse times when 100 users add a document at the same time). 

The little Perf Test utility which used to come with TRIM is no longer supplied with Trim v8.3. 

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for approach and tools? I have searched the web and not found anything useful yet. Any advice would be much appreciated. 

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Re: HP Record Manager V8.3 - Load Testing

The load tester was removed for RM8 and I don't believe there are plans to add back in.

I have heard of business partners that have a comparable product, maybe if someone sees this post they might be able to chime in and confirm.

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