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GroupWise E-mail Date Created Error

Mark de Berg

GroupWise E-mail Date Created Error - Novel Network running GroupWise


Hi All,


Got an issue with a client registering e-mails to TRIM. It appears that TRIM is changing the Date Created to either +14 Hours or -14 Hours of the original email header. The header details in the vmbx formatted email is reflecting this change. However the original email in GroupWise is not effected.


Has anyone else seen this issue and know of a solution?


Any assistance would be appreciated.




Sander Hoogwerf
Honored Contributor

Re: GroupWise E-mail Date Created Error

I'm quite sure TRIM is messing up with the UTC time difference in a weird way. You'd guess they wouldn't have issues on that since Australia is quite a few hours off, so R&D "Down Under" would certainly notice...


Last year we reported similar issue about this UTC difference when displaying in ICE (CRID 34413). But since we're only +1 or +2 hours (depending on DST) it has less of an impact than other regions of the world where 14 hours can easily shift the date to the next or previous day.


In TRIM client the creation date/time is the same as the date/time the email was sent. However in ICE when viewing the vmbx, the date part is (always) the first of January in the year 1 and the time part is 3 hours earlier.


This is for an Exchange/Outlook , so TRIM may interact slightly different with Groupwise.

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Mark de Berg

Re: GroupWise E-mail Date Created Error

Thanks Sander.


HP have just advised this is a known issue CRID - 38192. Fix is due in the next 6.2.5 Service Pack.





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