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Exporting Container Records

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Exporting Container Records

Hello Again,


I am trying to export the metadata for EVERY record contained within a top level TRIM container. The saved reports that we have only go one “level” deep, which is to say they will only report on a record which is directly under the record you run the report on. This is results in having to run multiple reports again and again, this is rather prone to human error.


So if I run a report on the top container, it will only show results for the sub-containers under it. Now I do not need a TRIM report to do this, if a print merge or XML export can offer the metadata that’s fine too, I just need a reliable way to say “What is in this container” for manual auditing against an external source.


Any help would be much appreciated; our TRIM instance is not particularly well supported right now.


Many Thanks,


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Re: Exporting Container Records

I could be wrong, but I don't think there is any real way to do this through the interface.  Though it would be relatively easy via the SDK.  Which country are you in?  If you're in the US send me a private message and I can help you out.

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Re: Exporting Container Records

Thanks for the reply,


I am not sure how to send a PM and please keep in mind I am restricted to IE6 at work, so I can barely render this site. The PM functionality may be lost in the horrendous rendering.  Only half of the text box for replying even comes up.


As for the SDK, I will not have access to this. The resources for TRIM are very sparse and we’re currently struggling to figure out a way to even run SQL against the DB.


I find it difficult to believe that there is no way to simply export the metadata of every record in a container. This strikes me as one of the most likely things someone would want to do. Right now it’s extremely difficult to be sure that we’re seeing all of the records in the container when we have to do 3-4 searches to find everything.



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Re: Exporting Container Records

You could just tag all of the folders in the parent container (and then all sub-containers) and do right-click->Navigate->Contained Records.... but there will be a limit on how many folders you can do that to.

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Re: Exporting Container Records

The Trim 7 client does recursive searching in the interface, turn on string search in user options for record searching


To list all documents in Container 12/1




this will list everything contained within that Container.


If you just want documents within the container structure for your report


container:12/1+ and type:[Behaviour:Document]


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Re: Exporting Container Records

Thanks for the help,




The container has nearly 3K documents in a rather complex series of nested folders. Your suggestion is how it's currently attempted, but there is so much room for human error and confusion, it's not really a reliable way to try and audit the container.




This sounds like it's a soultion, but of course we're using TRIM 6 so until an upgrade, it's no use. Even still, I am slightly confused on your suggestion, would I use


(Contained Within: 26+) and then set filters to the document type? That's all that would be needed?


Right now it seems my approach to this will be try and use some outside SQL against the DB TRIM sits on... Thanks for the help everyone!

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Re: Exporting Container Records

Hi spowers


You could try installing the trim 7.1 client on a separate workstation and pointing it to the 6.x workgroup serv er. It all you doing is searching it may work for your needs to produce this report and avoids getting in to the SQL side.


in a string search you dont say "contained within" you just say what the criteria for the records should be. So in this case I said they had to have a container of 12/1 and used the + to make it recursive


In the string I gave for the search, rather than filter on record types, (as I don't know the names of your document record types!) I said show things that behave like documents (and type:[Behaviour:Document]). I could probably have used other ways to identify things that are document record types as well.





Re: Exporting Container Records

Good luck with the SQL query, metadata can come from many different tables and is related in different ways.

Do you need ALL the metadata or just some of it?

If so a simple VBA / Excel bit of code using the TRIM SDK could draw it all out into an excel worksheet.



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Re: Exporting Container Records

Hi Steve,


Yes this is possible using TRIM Reports!!!


That's if I understand you correctly??? so what you require is a report showing -

  • The contents of a Top Level folder (container) and
  • the contents of any sub-folders within the Top level folder

If that's what your after, then yes it can be done :)

I have attached the report below to get you started (it is based on the Records - Basic report in TRIM, so you may need to modify it to include the metadata you require) - oops i cant attach the report because it doesnt have a valid extension (send me your email and i can email it to you if you would like it :)


But basically how its done is by adding the 'nested' metadata as sub-bands in the report. Pictured below.


The standard Records - Basic report only includes the first Record band, but by right clicking on the Record band and selecting Add, it is possible to add sub-bands (or nested metadata) - not sure on the limit??

How To

  1. From Tools > Reports
  2. open the report
  3. goto View > Bands
  4. select the Record band and right click, select Add
  5. From the list of sub-bands select Records - Contents
  6. keep repeating from steps 4. Depending on how many sub-folders you require.

The pic above shows 3 levels so from this report it will be possible to print the contents of the Top Level folder and any sub-folders 3 levels deep


How to import Reports -

  1. On the Tools - Reports menu, click Report Layouts
  2. Right-click (in the white space) and click Import.
  3. The Import Report dialogue box appears.
    1. Select - Import a single Report - select to import a single report layout
    2. Browse for the report
  4. OK



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