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Experiencing lag time when sending e-mail from within TRIM

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Experiencing lag time when sending e-mail from within TRIM

We are experiencing some difficulties regarding sending e-mail within TRIM (we are using Version 7, Build 1.0.1157).  The first time any of our TRIM users tries to send an e-mail within TRIM (whether it be “reply” or “forward” an individual message, or “mail to” the members of  a Group), there is a significant lag time, ranging from 30 seconds to a minute and a half.  Any subsequent time during the day when a desktop user tries to do these things, the task is accomplished almost instantly.  There is not a consistent “end of the day” process for our users – some Log Off , and some Shut Down -- yet this lag time is experienced by all.  In any case, it seems like there is  lag time involved during the initial sync between TRIM and Outlook the first time e-mail is being sent within TRIM each day.  Does anyone know how to solve this problem so that we no longer experience this lag time?  Perhaps a programming fix?  Is there a way to refresh the screen?

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Re: Experiencing lag time when sending e-mail from within TRIM

We have a customer experiencing a similar issue who are using 6r2


They said the first time from log-on a user does sent to > mail recipient it will lag for 30s before Outlook opens. But everytime after that is instant. They also said this issue only started occuring since upgrading from server 2003 to server 2008.


I'm using server 2008 in my current setup and have noticed similar behaviour. First time send to mail recipient takes 10s and everytime after that is instant 

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