Excel documents not saving changes

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Excel documents not saving changes

An area of our organisation have reported problems with editing excel documents in TRIM and the documents checking back in unchanged. We haven't yet isolated the issue as it appears to be fairly randomly occurring.


- user clicks to edit document (checks out in TRIM)

- makes changes to the spreadsheet and saves

- document checks back in unchanged


TRIM appears to be checking the document back in before the user has had a chance to save. The last user reported making changes to a document and not being able to locate in offline records.


I know this is fairly vague - we are still trying to replicate the issue on our end so we can isolate what exactly is occurring.


Till we are able to isolate the issue, I guess my main questions is whether other users have experienced similar issues with editing documents in TRIM (mainly excel) - What was the issue? and were you able to find a work around? We're currently using TRIM 6.2.2 - I would assume no one has experienced issues like this with a later update / version of TRIM?




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Re: Excel documents not saving changes

There are a few known issues which will cause this with Excel:


1. Shared Workbook excel files will suffer from this issue.

It is listed in the TRIMSpec as a limitation.

So keep an eye out for this, if your users save a 'Shared Workbook' excel file into TRIM, the 'Edit' feature will auto check-in almost straight after opening the file.


Workaround is to check-out completely to offline records (Or local file) before editing and then check-in manually.


2. Edit the excel document, then click the 'close' cross, but when Excel asks if you want to save the changes, click 'Cancel' and keep editing.

If a user does this, TRIM will actually check-in the document when the user clicks the close then cancel button, so any changes from that point (or from check-out time) will be discarded and lost.


Fixed in a later release I think, but to workaround this, you will need to inform users of this behaviour.

e.g. Dont click the close button, then cancel when asked to save changes.