Equivalent Search in RM 8

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Equivalent Search in RM 8

I have not been able to find an equivalent string search in RM 8, where the search in Trim 7.3 is:   owner:295190+.  295190 is the URI for the location and the "+" sign means to drill down to member locations on all lower levels.

If there is an equivalent search in RM 8 what is its string form and its boolean form?

When I run the string search in  RM 8, it gives me a SQL error.



Carol Collins
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Re: Equivalent Search in RM 8

Hi RD,

That search works fine for me in version 8.3.9088.  The string search is just as you have entered, with the plus sign at the end.  For the boolean search, there is a Recursive check box that needs to be selected.

Maybe there is a clue in the SQL error you are receiving.  What does it say?  And what version are you testing?



Tamara Hoagland
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Re: Equivalent Search in RM 8

I agree with Carol -  I am able to run the Owner search using the Recursive check box for appropriate results.