End of Year - System Check Tasks

Yuri Prado
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End of Year - System Check Tasks

Good Morning All,


I was wondering if anyone could their end of year system/application checklist, particularly Oracle DB tasks. Support for TRIM during the Xmas period is normally at the lowest and I want to make sure that no issues occur during the holiday break.


So far I have:


Backend Taks:

Integration Points

Workgroup Servers Health

Event Server

Document Store

Document Content Index



Application Tasks:

Finalisation of Records

Documents checked out

Calanders (New Year)



am I missing something?









Greg Fraser_1
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Re: End of Year - System Check Tasks

Hi Yuri,


HP doesn't have a recommended check list as most of these tasks should really be performed throughout the year. It is a quiet time of the year though, so it would be a good time to rebuild Word and DCI indexes and run some DB maintenance.

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Mike Leydon
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Re: End of Year - System Check Tasks

Maybe a Document Store Integrity Check (run from the TRIM client)?



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Re: End of Year - System Check Tasks

I have developed my system check list with around 40 check points that I consider important. It is more about TRIM Database being clean, proper  record types in correct containers, then Locations, actions, X-X documents in database, docs without container, rubbish data accumulated in pending WGS folders, trim logs and dmp's , spelling word indexes, thumbs.db files in databse etc etc....

It is a slow process of cleaning and correcting things....