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End-dating Security Levels - any gotchas?

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End-dating Security Levels - any gotchas?

Hello, we're using TRIM 7.1 b1150 and are about to end-date some security levels in order to comply with the new government framework.


One particularly security level we're end-dating is assigned to about half our number of users in their profile.  Is there any pitfalls we need to be wary about when deactivating (but not deleting) security Levels. Is it likely to produce any conflicts anywhere, such as when some tries to update something?  At this stage, we do not intend to update these users with an alternative security level until a later review, so they wil be "carrying" the end-dated classification for some time.


As I understand, records which are assigned a deactivated security level, will still maintain that level in the structure of the hierarchy, users will the need equal or higher to see them still?



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Re: End-dating Security Levels - any gotchas?

Having gone through this a couple of things spring to mind (more may later on)


1, Do you have any of the classifications that you are going to deactivate as defaults in your BCS.

(for example personnel, foi etc ???)


If the date you are making them inactive is today (or in the past) trim will warn you but you need to be caeful if the date is in the future to remember to change the BCS terms.


2, What are the rules for Parts ??

Is a new part to (for exampel an in-confidence file also to be in-confidence or shoudl it be set to a new value like unclassified:For Official Use only


If you set inconfidence to be inactive you can't create new files with that classification, but you can create new parts with it if the old part had that classification so its a bit inconsistent.









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Re: End-dating Security Levels - any gotchas?

Thanks for the reply, there were a couple of key things mentioned there that I had so far overlooked!

At this stage, the intentionis to mark the appropriate levels ahead ofthe switch over, which would mean they would be end-dated for a future date.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event