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Emails are not sent out through Workflow

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Emails are not sent out through Workflow

We are using Trim


We are also using Groupwise 8.


We are doing tests using workflow. Emails are not being sent during our testing process when someone is

assigned an activity.


Under systems options we have checked under events all Email Options.


Email notifications For Action Assignees and

Email notifications for Workflow.


Does the email server need to be set up in the TES for email notifications to correctly fire off in workflow?


Also are we missing any other steps?






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Re: Emails are not sent out through Workflow

Yes you must have your mail server setup in TES for emails to be sent.  You also need to have the "mail notifications" event set to be processed.  If those are not enabled then turn them on, and then send your workflow back through the steps.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event