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Email notifications - action made current

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Email notifications - action made current

I have created an action (duration of 30 days). When it is assigned to a record with a start date of for example, 22/08/2012, TRIM calculates that it will be due on 03/10/2012. This takes into account the time settings for TRIM in terms of work hours and weekends. I assumed the email notification when the action is made current/ready to commence would be sent to the responsible location on 22/08/2012 (the start date) but 3 minutes after the action was assigned to the record, an email was received stating that the action had been made current. Is there a way to prevent the action made current/ready to commence notification being sent until the start date?


Attached is a screnshot of the email notification received.

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Re: Email notifications - action made current

Do you per chance has it ticked so it notifies the user when it is first assigned (setting in Context Administration)?



Neil Summers
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Re: Email notifications - action made current

Don't know which TRIM version you're using, but there was an issue with some older versions that caused this if you'd selected the "Use relaxed date checking for activities" option in TRIM System Options. This was regardless of whether you'd selected the "Action is first assigned" notification option.


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Re: Email notifications - action made current

We are using version 6.2.5 build 1322. The relaxed date option is unticked - is this correct? Have attached screenshot of TRIM System Option settings.



//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event