EStoreCache TRIM

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EStoreCache TRIM

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I was hoping someone could help me fix a problem.  We have our estorecache folder sitting on the C drive of one of our workgroup servers.  However this folder is now at 17GB and starting to effect the baseline of c drive space - currently at 2.5GB of space left.  Is there a way to redirect this cache to our D drive where there is space available.  Or can I regulary go through this folder and start deleting files that are more than a certain amount of days old.


Hope someone can help.

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Re: EStoreCache TRIM

Can anyone help.  Found this.  Is this how I change the location.


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Author : lesw
Date : 3rd July 2007 01:33 AM

I'm happy to report that I have managed to change the cache location, albeit by moving the entire ServerLocalData directory.


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Author : alanr
Date : 3rd July 2007 06:55 AM
Thread Title : TRIMLocalAppData - Change location of the ServerLocalData folder

In the TRIMInstall.pdf - TRIM Context Client / Server Folder Configuration

By default, TRIM Context utilizes the Microsoft Windows Documents and Settings User profile directories for storing information about the TRIM Context application and cached files.
The TRIM Context installation function provides the ability to relocate each of the folders for the client and Server computers from the default folder to the folder you require.
These folders are set in the system registry.
You may manually create these directories and registry keys.

In this instance:

The TRIMLocalAppData string value defines the location of the ServerLocalData folder which normally by default is located c:\Program Files\TRIM Context\ServerLocalData

HKLM/software/tower software/trim5/DataPaths/TRIMLocalAppData
Create a new key called "DataPaths" under TRIM5 key
Create a new String called "TRIMLocalAppData", define new path.

Restart TRIM services.


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Re: EStoreCache TRIM

Yes, those are the keys you'll need to change on the WGS. You should also be able to configure the space used by the WGS caching in TES. As always, first try in test/acceptance environment to familiarize yourself with features you have no experience with.

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Re: EStoreCache TRIM

The files are a cache so you can remove the files without losing any data, start by removing the oldest files  manually leaving an acceptable limit. As Sander says you can adjust the size of the document cache limit in TRIM Enterprise Studio.