Documents not going to new Document Store

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Documents not going to new Document Store

We are using TRIM Context version 6, build  2.5.1406 with SQL Server 2008.


We have created a new Document store, Type: Disk File System Directory, set the Store location, ticked "Create new subdirectories within this store when: The size (in MB) reaches 4000"


We selected "Test" and all tests were completed successfully


The permissions on the store location allow write access...


Two document types defaulted to the new Document store without any issues, however, the remaining document types are still pointing to the OLD document store.


Any ideas or suggestions of what we may have missed?









Sandy Ewart
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Re: Documents not going to new Document Store

Hi Alex,


When changing the Document Store target for Record Types you normally have to re-configure usage for new Document Store.


We're on TRIM 7.1.1, but think should still be same for TRIM 6 : Go into Tools - Admin - Document Stores and highlight new Document Store - right-click and select Configure Useage.


Either select required items (if necessary) or Tag All and select Set As Global Default Store.


Doing this should re-point all Record Types,etc to start using new Document Store for electronic documents, etc.



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Re: Documents not going to new Document Store

Hello Sandy, thank you for replying.


I forgot to mention that we have already selected the file types in 'Configure Usage' however, we have never set a default store. Our old store never had the "Set as the global default store' ticked and it worked fine.


Also, I noticed this morning, when we manually checked in a document, it saved it to the new store... Bizzare...


Anyway, hope this helps.