Document content search result sorting (7.12)

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Document content search result sorting (7.12)

We have recently upgraded to 7.12.1879 from 6.24 and have noticed that sorting on Content Search results is broken.   Date Created, Date Registered, Title, Record Number fields cannot be sorted. There probably are others.


TRIM sorts a group of the results at the top but then stops.   Creator, Owner Location and Size are threre columns that do sort correctly for some reason.


This problem is mentioned for 6.25 at this post, and it appears that it is still present.


Anyone else noticed this?

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Re: Document content search result sorting (7.12)

There have been a few DCI sorting issues raised over the years but I don't see any sign of them being fixed in 7.1.


This one appears to have been fixed for an upcoming release:


QCCR2D46721 When searching via Document content and sorting by Ascending, the latest 40 records will be showed in the top


Until we can get our hands on the next release we won't know if there are other unresolved DCI search sorting issues.


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Re: Document content search result sorting (7.12)

Okay, here's to hoping it will be fixed.


We have found two work arounds.  1.  Add any kind of date created range and the sorting works (this can be defaulted via a saved search filter).  2. Use string searching.


Thanks Neil.




Re: Document content search result sorting (7.12)

I think that we noticed this problem, when we upgraded to 7.2 and it seemed just as broken in 7.3.  We've just upgraded to, and there seems to be some improvement in the sorting of document content search results.  Sorting by Record Number and Title are still broken, but sorting by Date Created and Creator now seem 100% reliable. 

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Re: Document content search result sorting (7.12)


We noticed a perceived issue when upgrading from TRIM 6.24 -> TRIM 7.11 -> TRIM 7.34 (current platform),


Basically, searches seem to only order in Data Registered or Created (for e.g.)  only for the first column.


In our case, that is container. Any records that fall below that level are ordered in a seemingly ad-hoc way.


Whilst containers can be double-clicked upon to allow sorting by date, this still seems sub-optimal.

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Re: Document content search result sorting (7.12)

That is expected behavior