Disaster Recovery

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Damian Knight
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Disaster Recovery



Has HP published any documentation on DR planning for TRIM?  Does anyone have any suggestions?


Thanks in advance


Neil Summers
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Re: Disaster Recovery

Hi Damian,


I don't think there's anything by HP specifically about DR for TRIM. Typically HP say something like this:


"Rather than introduce further complication to an environment by deploying additional backup management facilities, TRIM Context is designed to fit within an organisation’s existing backup and disaster recovery management practices at the relational database management system (RDBMS) and file server levels. In practice, this means all meta-data, classes, folders, internal audit trail, etc. will be protected under the RDBMS standard backup and recovery procedures, and system configuration, external audit trail, document stores and content indexes will be protected under the organization’s chosen file server backup and recovery facilities."


I've attached an old white paper that probably originated from TOWER days that may be interesting reading:




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Philip Harney
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Re: Disaster Recovery



There's no specific documentation I've ever seen on DR but I have implemented now two full DR sites here using standard DR technology.  TRIM actually is a really good fit.

Mirrored databases between sites.

Document Store replicated using DFSR.

TRIM workgroup servers Failover.


I have also done some work using a replicated database in my failover site to allow quick searching at both sites :smileyhappy:.


If you have any questions just send me a message.




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Re: Disaster Recovery



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