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Deletion of Checked out Personal documents (E-Mails) - User left.

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Deletion of Checked out Personal documents (E-Mails) - User left.


HP RM8.1.1.7760, Win 7, MS Office 2010, SQL 2012 


We are having issues with a deletion of personal documents (Email types) which  user, before leaving the Organisation, somehow managed to check-out. 

Cannot be deleted as they are checked out, cannot be checked in as they are E-Mails (this document type cannot be modified) 

I tried to check it in , changed the record type, disposition, I even made the user Active again, and change her branch to my branch, moved all her personal documents into my Personal file...and few other options..does not help. 

Also i was exploring the DATAPORT option to update documents metadata but there is no option for "Checked-In?".





Greg Fraser_1
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Re: Deletion of Checked out Personal documents (E-Mails) - User left.

This was a issue that rectified from 7.3 onwards where the option to check out emails was removed. So if they remained checked out from an upgrade of early TRIM 7 that would explain it.

Have a look here:


There is already a forum post about this, you should have a quick search of the forums before posting to avoid topics that have already been covered.


A side note too, before upgrading, one of the steps is to make sure that all documents are checked in.

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