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Delete HP TRIM User's Location - The Implications?

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Delete HP TRIM User's Location - The Implications?

Win 7, HP TRIM 7.1.1828, Office 2010.


What is lost once the user's location/account has been DELETED from HP TRIM?

Do you usually Log Location changes ?

What is the best way to recover everything (?) back for that user?





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Re: Delete HP TRIM User's Location - The Implications?



My main concern about what is lost is how if affects the integrity of the Audit logs.


 If there are deleted locations that were removed (by nominating a replacement) then you could reconstruct things by putting the user back and then go back through the audit logs and see the events that were assigned using the persons logon Id (as that is what the audit logs uses) and reassigning things back , but that is a pain as you would have to maintain a record of logons of people who have left. If your organisation keeps a record of this in their HR system and then IT depeartment never reuses a logon ID then it will be easier to identify who did what, but even so you would also have a very messy audit log after all this!


If you have lost locations through a non trim process (something that updated the location Database via SQL)

then you might be able to recover by recreating the TSLOCATION entry with the same uri and any other things that utility might have removed.


I would avoid (as a minimum) deleting any person location from trim where that location has been used to create a record or is in the audit log as having viewed, printed, sent as email, extracted, or supercopied any document. (essentially any action that has 'exposed' the content of a document)


The safest thing would be to retan all Locations that can login the trim permanently and mange things so that when people leave they are set inactive (with the active to date being the date they left) , have enabled logon removed (but the logon id is retained) and get assigned a profile of nopermissions (so they cant be made an assignee or contact to a record) Retaining the logon Id means another user can't be registered with that Id and therefore you wont have auditlogs entries from different people under the same Id.







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Re: Delete HP TRIM User's Location - The Implications?

You should not delete a Location.

It is a part of the record history/audit trail for anywhere that Location was used.


If you need to clean up some Locations, you should merge any data with another Location.

If you straight out delete a Location, you would normally get an error that there is other data/records dependent on that Location and stop you from proceeding.