Date Due for Destruction

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Date Due for Destruction

A problem we are experiencing in TRIM (  On a record we set the Date Due for Destruction, we then save changes,  reviewing the record the date shows on the screen and when selecting Details/Dates.  On reloading or restarting TRIM return to the record and Date Due for Destruction is no longer set.  Its as if the change is being kept cached somewhere but not written to the database OR some process is immediately removing it.  Testing in our test environment and things work as expected.  Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated.



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Re: Date Due for Destruction



I remember this from a few years ago. I believe it had to do Date Due for Destruction coming from the Restention Schedule. From memory the Retention Schedule over-riding the date due for destruction.


So, if there is no Retention Schedule it will automatically reset to blank.


We ended up using Retention Review Date for manually entered dates.



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Re: Date Due for Destruction


Thanks for the explanation, I sort of thought this after looking through other forum posts.  Seems a bit pointless though to have a field that is editable, but is basically useless.  If a retention schedule is applied then you cannot edit the date, if you enter a date it is wiped out becuase the system thinks there is a blank rentention schedule applied, go figure. Does anyone know if this 'issue' is resolved in future builds/versions as it seems pretty pointless the way it currently is in this build?

Whilst I understand the need to use retention schedules there may be instances where you want to place a destruction date on a record without using a retention schedule (and using the correct field), anyone know how to do this without using different fields or UDF's?

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Re: Date Due for Destruction



It appears that HP may have recognized this as a problem, because in TRIM v7.01 there's a totally new field called "Manual Destruction Date".  I'm inserting a screen shot of it for you: