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Date Created

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Date Created

I have a user who receives emails forwarded from colleagues and needs to be able to set the Date Created to be the date the original email was sent.


The user is able to set the Date Created when capturing a document from a local drive, but does not have that option when using the TRIM toolbar in Outlook.  In addition, they are not able to edit the Date Created in the Properties of a captured email, but are able to do so for a Word document.


I have previously noted that End Users are unable to alter the Date Created for emails when capturing them (this makes sense in most instances), but I also note that Administrators can change the Date Created and I was wondering which permission covers the ability to modify dates?

Chris Mcklaren
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Re: Date Created

Hi Michael,


Editing date values for existing records is a permission only available to TRIM Administrators.  There is no way to change this.


End users are only able to change dates for new records where the field is available on the new record entry form.  So if your user is saving emails they need to see the record type form with the date created field available.


Sometimes in Outlook the new record entry form is not shown due to configuration settings, however this can be changed for individual users where entering additional information is desirable.  Go to the TRIM Toolbar in Outlook and select TRIM and then Settings.  You should find your options there.



Chris Mcklaren

Chris Mcklaren
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