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Database Search Caching - Oracle & TRIM 7.1.2 1879

Yuri Prado
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Database Search Caching - Oracle & TRIM 7.1.2 1879

Good Afternoon All,


I was wondering if anyone could explain what happens when a user conduct the same search, say title word search ‘Smith’, returning 50000+ records within 80seconds. The second time the person performs the same search it takes less than 20 seconds. This is done within the same TRIM session.


Now, the question is, Does TRIM caches user searches? If so, where is this cached search kept?


Is there a HPTRIM document that can explains how oracle db works with TRIM?


Any information would be much appreciated.

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Re: Database Search Caching - Oracle & TRIM 7.1.2 1879

It will normally be the database server caching searches like this.

Otherwise the TRIM Workgroup Server has a lot cached in memory (so you will see RAM usage increase on the server), and the client does some caching too.


TRIM works with Oracle like any other application works with Oracle, there's no document that needs to explain this really.