Data Port Errors Re-Run Question

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Data Port Errors Re-Run Question

I imported 13,000 records.   All but 88 of them imported successfully.    I need to widen a column in the database to allow the 88 records to be able to be imported....getting ready to run the tool again but will it create duplicate records? or just import the 88 errors??   I have Update on Duplicate set to NO currently but is this sufficient?

Ryan Winston
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Re: Data Port Errors Re-Run Question

I'd recommend updating the import file to just include the 88.  Keep in mind that HP does not support modifications to the database, so any issues encountered will be at your own risk (as it pertains to the column you're modifying).  Note that in future upgrades you could get errors during the Schema Upgrade and/or the Schema Upgrade when interacting with that column.