Data Dictionary for TRIM Database

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Data Dictionary for TRIM Database

Hi Guys,


I have been asked to create a report from TRIM. I had a look at the report builder within TRIM but it wasn't going to do the job. I can created the query no worries I just need to know where the data and relationships are. Does anyone have a data dictionary for TRIM 7.3? I have tried created an ERD diagram from within SQL managment studio but it's not that great. If someone has a data dictionary that explains the tables and columns that would be fantastic.





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Re: Data Dictionary for TRIM Database


ANY documents relating to the database tables would be fantastic.

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Re: Data Dictionary for TRIM Database

Hi Matt,


A few years ago the powers that be at HP stopped making such information publicly available. They no longer distribute ERD's or data dictionaries for TRIM/HPRM.

As you've already discovered, you can create your own ERD from SQL Server. If this doesn't give you enough information to figure out what you're trying to achieve, you can log a support case with HP explaining exactly what you're trying to report on, and which bits of data you're having trouble figuring out (though when it comes to divulging deep dark secrets about how security such as caveats are handled in the tables, you may hit a brick wall.)


Sometimes you can discover what you need to know by running the HPRM client as an administrator user, viewing the activity log pane, and enabling logging in the dataset tab. Then when you perform operations/queries you'll see which tables/fields it's accessing.


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