DCI errors


DCI errors

We're running version right now and appear to have some Event Processing issues.


We've been importing hundreds of thousands of documents in the past couple of weeks and the Event Processing monitor shows Content Indexing having 700870 queued although they do seem to process very slowly.  We also have 3066861 Schedule Event Triggers which aren't processing at all.


I'm hoping somebody can tell me how to speed up or clear out the Content Indexing requests although I really do need our content to be indexed for searching later as our customers are expecting it.  More information on the Content Indexing is that our DCI logs show many lines like below:


**** Error indexing document: 2/26/2012 7:00:00 PM   Critical Error: Non-unique.


This line repeats several times every second in our logs.


As for Schedule Event Triggers I'm not sure what to do about those or even if I really need them.

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Re: DCI errors

You could try and remove all of the DCI pending events and then use the "reindex" function from the Enterprise Studio to do them all in bulk.  700k records will take a while to process via the event server.


The schedule event triggers are lower in priority than the DCI.  Most likely though you've got a folder with tons of documents inside of it... and that's why it's taking forever to process those events.  You'd need to implment automated part rules to resolve that issue.  I'd enable logging on the event server to see what exactly it's doing.

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Re: DCI errors

Try everything above, but also I believe that these errors are coursed by a bug and HP have a HotFix that replaces the dll's


Good Luck

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Re: DCI errors

The hotfix for DCI is to resolve errors when indexing PDF's. The DCI log and Windows event log would show this. It might not be relevant in this case. If you log a support case and specifically request the DCI hotfix for 7.1.0, HP Support will provide the hotfix.But it may not resolve the issue you're talking about. Either way, support will help you figure out what it is. I agree with Erik's suggestion that you could remove all the DCI events from the TSEVENTDAT table and index through TES instead. HP Support can help you figure out what query to use to remove only those events.


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