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Custom User - has this been reinstated in versions of Records Manager 8

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Custom User - has this been reinstated in versions of Records Manager 8

I understand that HP RM8.1 no longer used the user type "CUstom User". 

THis is significant for us as we use "Custom Users" to help us group our locations for use as Access COntrols, and we have several custom users. Ie A custom user that can only be used as access control group, or locations that are just signposts.  All our organisations and groups are "Custom Users". 
Can anyone point to some good documentation to look at how locations are working in RM8 and above. We have only just started to think about how we upgrade and whether this might be an issue.  Of course if custom user has been reinstated, then perhaps it isn't going to be a problem.



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Re: Custom User - has this been reinstated in versions of Records Manager 8

Any user type may have selected permissions removed, is this equivelant to 'Custom User' ?

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Re: Custom User - has this been reinstated in versions of Records Manager 8

THe release notes  for 8.1 indicated 

"User types have changed to the following names:
• Administrator
• Records Manager
• Records Co-ordinator
• Knowledge Worker
• Contributor
• Inquiry User
HP Records Manager 8.1 no longer supports “Custom users"
From the Release Notes:  This Means: All users need to be assigned a User Type.
To address the existing standard users for different departments the ‘use profile of’ function can be

I wanted to get a clearer explanation of what this means. 

Do I need to create a user called "X"  change their profile specifically to only allow access control. THen create my Groups as user type "inquiry user" but click the "use profile of" and select "X".

My question is this equivalent to custom user?

How have people implemented this?   My concern is whether this becomes a licensing issue at some future stage if we move to a model where we are being charged by user type. We are currently on an evergreen licence.   Or do most licences say we can have an unlimited amount of inquiry users.

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Re: Custom User - has this been reinstated in versions of Records Manager 8


From 8.1, there is a strict set of permissions associated with each default user type (the types you have listed). This is a restriction for existing/upgrading customers as we are unable to add any permissions to a user type that are not already associated with that user type (by default and as defined by HP). Basically customising permissions for user types from System Options does not exist anymore. This is also why if you select say a user type of Contributor, you cannot add the delete record permission.

You can still create "custom profiles" for anything you need, like particlar access control usage permissions for locations etc, you just need to select a high level user type that has the permissions you need, and then remove the ones you dont want. This allows you to create user profiles that match your existing profiles from TRIM 7.x. When we upgraded to 8.1, all our licenses were converted to Administrators, and rather than removing the permissions we dont want on each location, group locations are created to control this using 'Use Profile of'. We make the location Administrator (but with no login), and then remove all the permissions we dont want. This location does not count towards a licenced seat, as a licence is calculated on active logins. Then in your other locations, like user profiles, you set this custom group location in 'use profile of' field. As these would have active logins with a profile based on an 'Administrator' type, they would count towards 1 admin licence.

When we upgraded to 8.1 we had to create custom profiles for all our particular user types and then custom profiles that defined location usage for our access groups, storage locations and organisation structure etc.

Any additional licences you purchase in the future on 8.1+ you would need to specify the user type.