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Container field required when creating a new version (HPRM 8.2)

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Container field required when creating a new version (HPRM 8.2)

Hi guys,


HPRM 8.2


My customers have noticed that when you create a new version of a document within HPRM 8.2, the container field is no longer automatically populated with the location that the original document is stored within.  Instead you have to nominate the BCS location.


By forcing the User to nominate the location, you run the risk of someone who is not familiar with the BCS completely moving the record to a new location with different retention.  For Information Governance purposes, it is important to ensure that all records have the appropriate retention attached.  This functionality helped to protect that.



I have tried to replicate the issue but I could not. It works fine for me.


At the customer side, if you left that field blank, you would get the below message:



Please help me to find out why this happen and how to fix it.


Thank you in advanced.

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Re: Container field required when creating a new version (HPRM 8.2)

Is it possible that there are access controls and/or securtiy levels/caveats which are preventing the user from seeing the container?  I've seen this happen where secrutiy wasn't applied appropriately because the configuration changed over time (and regression testing was not performed).


Since the user can see the record, have him/her right-click and select Navigation->Container Records (+Alternative).  Does the container appear?  If not, review the security and access controls as to why.  If the container does appear, can the user create a new record in this container (use the test document if needed). If permission is denied then again its' a combination of security and access controls.




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Re: Container field required when creating a new version (HPRM 8.2)

Hi ,


Thank you for your post.


The customer confirm that this is not related to Security or Access Controls. This is happening on both secured and unsecured documents, and even being experienced by their Administrator level positions.


Any advice?


Thanks in advanced.

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