Container Error

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Container Error

Just wondering if anyone else has seen this issue, or similar in HPRM 8.2.

Creating a sub-folder through File - New function, on the entry form enter a title and then select the Container Record.  Get an error message saying the the Container record must have a higher level then the sub folder (which its has).  Have also experience other issues where typing the container number and clicking quick search does not return any results and also an error  message about container not being suitable.

In all cases if you navigate to the container record, right click and select New Record and select the Sub-Folder record type, enter the details the sub-folder record is created as required. 

This is strange as get the same outcome but one way prevents you from doing it.  What is more strange is that at one site the issue occurs randomly, at another site it can be reproduced on certain records.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue or if anyone can provide some pointers on investigating cause.