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Classification view repeating title at each level

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Classification view repeating title at each level

Hi guys,


We are on 8.2.7533


When browsing the classification, each level is repeated as we go down the tree. Using the Manage View (as system admin) we get a different view with just the name title (not classification title). I know that it is impossible to let end users has this ability as they need to be set permission (Administer Classifications - which is very high level permission).


I would like to know if there is any chance that this could be raised as an improvement request.


Search View:




Manage View:



I'm not asking for the core product to change, just allow the ability for users to customize that column to their liking, see below picture, there is only one option and I would like it to have the name option as well



Thanks in advanced.


Greg Fraser_1
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Re: Classification view repeating title at each level

You could definitely request this as an enhancement, you would need to log this as a support case. From there we refer to R&D for their review.

To improve you chances it is best to include as much detail as possible and give a description of how this will improve your business process.

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