Classification and container notes

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Classification and container notes

Hey all


I would like to initiate a searchable field in TRIM where TRIM users can search for keywords on either classifications or containers that will then identify which containers and/or classifications staff should be saving records that relate to this keyword - and what sort of records should be placed under certain classifications.


I have tried to test this scenario by using the notes - however it appears that if I put the content description on the notes field for containers and the notes field for classifications I cannot search the contents of both these notes by the same search field in TRIM.


It appears that if I want to search on the notes on a container I can do a 'Notes word' search and my container will return, however if I want to search on the notes on a classification I have to search by 'Classification Word' and then I receive a list of all the containers that are saved under that classification.


Is there a quick and easy way that I configure this so a user can easily search the notes field to be able to find the relevant classification and containers or am I being too ambitious? What are other users doing in their systems? All advice appreciated.


We are using TRIM 6.24.1236.

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Re: Classification and container notes

Hi TRIMette,

I experimented with TRIM v7 (not sure which version you have) and found I could do this.

I placed the word "Test" in the notes of a classification and additionally placed the word "Test" in the Notes of the record attached to that classification.

In addition, I placed the word "Test' in the notes of a second record.

After waiting a few minutes for the Event Processor to index these new words, I then performed the following search:

'Test' in Classification Name

AND 'Test in Notes

It returned ONLY the record that met both conditions.  I'm atttaching the screen shots of it.  I know I didn't do it with a container, but if it worked with a document, it should work with a container.

Hope this helps?