Classification Retention Schedule Relationship

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Classification Retention Schedule Relationship

I am in the process of performing a review on some of the inventory that I have placed into TRIM over this past year.  During this review I discovered that there have been some inconsistencies with how the Classifications are holding the Retention schedule.  For example.  I have a Classification ACC1310.  For the most part the retention schedule showed correctly but I also have some where the retention schedule is blank and others that have a different schedule entirely associated to it.  In my mind these should be married to each other.  Within the Classification Properties I had to place a Retention schedule but it doesn't seem to be consistent.  Attached are some examples. Thanks

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Re: Classification Retention Schedule Relationship

I'd bet money that someone either manually removed/changed the schedules on those records. I could understand it being blank if the classification was being adjusted temporarily whilst those were created, but otherwise the schedule should always be applied.

The other potential thing could be if you have access controls on the schedule which differ from the classification. When the user uses the classification the schedule wouldn't be applied. But that wouldn't address the differing schedules.

Review the audit history of those records and see if they were changed. If there is no audit history you should enable it and then review the server-side audit logs for historical information (if present).
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Re: Classification Retention Schedule Relationship



a few things I do for the Classification / Schedule relationship is


  • Make sure each classification has a retention schedule applied


  • The retention schedules are consistent for that classification


Currently the agency where I’m working has the classification associated with the schedules they got from NAA (AFDA) set to use a Classification name based on the retention schedule name so it’s easy to spot ones which are patently incorrectly associated (but that may not be appropriate for your organisation)



For our agency specific ones we have the retention schedule name and the associated Classification name the same.


A few other things I do with schedule and classification that you find useful (if you not elaredy doing this)


  • I identify retention schedules that are not used by either Classification or records and get the record keepers to confirm if they actually need them anymore. (if they don’t I set them inactive)


  • I identify schedule and classifications that are not used by records, or have not been used recently for records and get the record keepers to confirm if they actually need them anymore. (if they don’t I set them inactive as well)


  • I have also been doing a bit of work on the triggers, as a lot of retention schedules were setup with no trigger or an ‘inappropriate trigger’.


by 'inappropiate' I mean a lot of triggers were setup to use ‘date of last action’ as that reflected the scope notes of the schedule, but as Trim updates the last action date when you do things to a record, I find it better to associated it with one of the trim dates like “date closed” “date published” or an additional field type date like “date of birth” etc

I also like to differentiate between the 'retain as national archives' and 'retain permanently at agency' by using an additional Boolean field. (currently Trim just has a ‘retain permanent’ setting (or ‘destroy permitted’ ) can’t remember which way round its displayed.