Check- in Behavior in TRIM 7.1

Joshua Hutley
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Check- in Behavior in TRIM 7.1



Having recently upgraded to TRIM 7.10.1150, some users have reported issues with TRIM not checking documents after they have edited.


Have others on TRIM 7 also found similar problems?

We know that there is the new check-in reminder dialog box, so there must be some changes to check-in behavior with TRIM 7.


What other changes in check-in behavior have people noticed?


Has the behavior of TRIMwatcher changed perhaps?




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Re: Check- in Behavior in TRIM 7.1

Hi Josh,


I'd upgrade to 7.1 build 1157


FIX# 42615

Auto Check In - There is a new 'Check In Documents' dialog that displays unreliable behavior
Fixed. The Remind Me in x Minutes function will now occur even when Cancel is pressed. Additionally the 'Check In Documents' dialog can be disabled with a registry key.


The registry key is a Dword: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Hewlett-Packard\HP TRIM\AutomaticCheckIn - BypassCheckInOfLimboDocs =1



Joshua Hutley
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Re: Check- in Behavior in TRIM 7.1



Yes I downloaded the patch yesterday and read the fix.


I would like to know more about this fix.

For instance my understanding is all the fix does is it will remind users in x minutes even if cancel is selected and that you can disable the reminder. I assume if you disable the reminder then documents will even more likely be left checked out.


I need to do more testing but I think the SDK edit function might be at fault. For example using the SDK edit function doesn't seem to trigger the checkin reminder dialog and is more likely to leave documents checked out when another session of the authoring application eg Word is open.



Jason Boswell
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Re: Check- in Behavior in TRIM 7.1

yeh I had the same issue a little while ago but you can reference the TRIM watcher library to make the documents auto checkin when Word is closed. I documented the solution in following HP Software Knowledge Document KM1236465 (

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Re: Check- in Behavior in TRIM 7.1

Hi, Josh


My organisation upgraded to TRIM in December 2011, and we instantly had users report issues with TRIM not checking documents after they have been edited.  It seems that trim watcher used to realise that the document had been closed, and would auto check-in, but now that is generally suspended until after the authoring application (eg Word or Excel) is closed.  But, even sometimes after the program is closed, the documents do not auto check-in.  The user doesn't know they are still checked out, until they close TRIM and get the reminder dialog box you mentioned.


We've also had worse problems.  Since December, we've had at least 22 users lose work they've done on editing TRIM documents.  Some people have lost hours of work, and it has happened to some people more than once.  But, it is random, as for most of these users, there has not been a repeat.  The user finds out that the work is lost, when they discover the document is still checked out.  When they try to check it back in from offline records, they get the message that it is not in offline records.  The firm who provides our technical support has not been able to help or recover the revised documents which have been lost.


We recently upgrade our client software to 7.1.1 1821, but it hasn't fixed the problem.  We haven't upgraded the server yet.  We have our fingers crossed that when we upgrade the server software, this will fix our issue.



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Re: Check- in Behavior in TRIM 7.1

We have has similar issues with users reporting documetns not being checked in.  We are not sure is this is a bug in our current build or a user based issue. We are on version 7.1.1 1821.  We upgraded in March this year. Went quite well but ever since upgrade I can see a trend in users losing work because TRIM did not check in the document.  I have also noticed the Check-in reminder function does not work all the time and is very random. We are also considering giving users TRIM Context so they don't accidently check out documents by double click.

Joshua Hutley
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Re: Check- in Behavior in TRIM 7.1

I am wondering if the issues are more pronounced with office 207 or earlier. I thought that Office 2010 was much better TRIM auto check-in behavior.




Re: Check- in Behavior in TRIM 7.1

Josh, I think you are right about MS Office 2007 being at the root of this problem.  We upgrade to HP TRIM 7.1.1 1821, 7.2 and then 7.3.1 5352 and none of those upgrade fixed our problems.  Edited Word and Excel documents would still never automatically check back in, until all other documents open in the authoring application were closed.


It seems that the problem was fixed, as soon as we moved from Office 2007 to  Office Professional Plus 2010 (Version 14.0.6129.5000 32-bit).


Eighteen months of randomly lost edits hasn't done much to build user faith in the system.  Thankfully, that seems to be behind us now.

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Re: Check- in Behavior in TRIM 7.1

I am having same issue, documents being left checked out even though trimwatcher is still running (i can see it in task manager) . It will only check them in after i edit save and close word doc, if the connection to trim object is still open but i cant leave this open as i wont know when user is going to close doc. i am using editdocument to open and check out doc via delphi code. ca you help at all , how to use the TRIMWATCHERLib in code (but not c~#)? How can i access it to add it to the project?
Thanks in advance!!
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Re: Check- in Behavior in TRIM 7.1

Documents are only ever checked-in after they've been closed. 

Tamara Hoagland
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Re: Check- in Behavior in TRIM 7.1

We also noticed this random issue in HP TRIM

We upgraded to HP TRIM hoping for a fix without having to deal with the IDOL updgrade. We have not had any of these issues since upgrading.


We are running MS Office 2007 SP3.


Hope this helps.




Greg Fraser_1
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Re: Check- in Behavior in TRIM 7.1

That is the way the integration works in TRIM 7, the check in process does not occur until all instances of the the authoring application, for example - Word, is closed. 

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