Changes to Retention Triggers in 8.1

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Changes to Retention Triggers in 8.1

Has anyone got 8.1 - 7275 running in a test environment yet? Via the documentation a change has been announced which affects existing schedules (in 8.01, & Trim 7*)  advising that:


The upgrade from HP Records Manager 8.0x or an earlier version to this version of HP Records Manager will upgrade the archiving features around Retention Schedules and disposition. The upgrade process removes the legacy Retention Schedule triggers: 

•   Local Archive

•   Interim Archive


The upgrade removes triggers of the above types from your dataset and its Retention Schedules. You should therefore make a note of your Retention Schedule triggers across the dataset and the triggers they use to be able to re-create the triggers you need by using the new trigger types, if necessary:


•   Archive (Keep Forever)


•   Archive (Transfer Custody)


The upgrade also removes the disposition states:


•   Archived (Local)


•   Archived (Interim)


The records in your dataset that had a disposition status of Archived (Local) or Archived (Interim) will have the disposition status Inactive after the upgrade.


has anyone preparing for upgrading to 8.1 put any strategy in place to prepare for this change (or tested the effects of the change?



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Re: Changes to Retention Triggers in 8.1

For this I created a script that generates of a report of all scheduled with these issues.  I run it pre-upgrade to get a listing of items that need to be addressed.  I also include counts for records associated with that schedule.  It's a good way to get ahead of the problem (or see if there even is a problem).

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Re: Changes to Retention Triggers in 8.1

Do not believe there is an Records issue here as the link to the Schedules always remains in place even if the Schedule has no triggers. The disposition is then restored when the triggers are updated in the schedules.


Has this been your experience?