Captura Upgrade - Audit Events

Gordon Taylor
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Captura Upgrade - Audit Events

Hey Folks,


I just performed a 4.3 upgrade to 7, and in the new dataset,  it appears that all the Audit Events have been left behind. 


Is this by design, or incompetence on my part?  The main focus for the upgrade was to preserve the historical context... I can't find any reference to this happening in the documentation.







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Re: Captura Upgrade - Audit Events

Ewwww.  It's been so longer since I did a Captura upgrade I can't remember if they came along.  I thought they did when upgrading to v6.


Probably too late to know now, but did they come across when you went from Capture to v6?  Maybe the upgrade to 7 blew them away?

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Re: Captura Upgrade - Audit Events

I looked in a TRIMCap2Con.pdf for v6.2 and found the following - no mention of the audit events not converting:


The following TRIM Captura objects are converted

•Record Types
•Electronic document stores
•Security levels and caveats
•TRIM Captura Record Type security groups are converted to TRIM Context groups
•Thesaurus terms and relationships
•Classification system (Record Plan) terms and numbering patterns
•Archive Retention Schedules
•TRIM Captura Contacts, Organizations, Units, Positions and Staff are converted to TRIM Context Locations (Organizations, Positions and Persons)
•User Defined Fields to Additional Fields
•Space management system layout
•Most Web publishing layouts
•TopDrawer database and documents
•Main spelling checker dictionaries.

The following are not converted

Due to a total re-working of the way they are implemented, the following items cannot be upgraded and need to be re-created in TRIM Context.
•Report layouts
•Public and private saved searches
•Personalized interface configurations - toolbars, tray contents, etc.