Cannot Change the Container

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Cannot Change the Container

We are having problems with moving documents from folder to folder.  I have looked into the access rights but it seems to be a random occurance.  Sometimes users can move documents and sometimes they can't.  We recently upgraded to We upgraded from 6.25 and it was a problem before upgrade. 


I noticed if we move documents between folders that were created post upgrade it works fine.  If the folder that was created pre upgrade that still has issues.  Not sure why this is happening.  I have logged this with HP and they gave me a  CRID below


QCCR2D45008: Cannot Change the Container for a document if the access controls for the document is 'based on Container' in 7.1.1 (1828)

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Re: Cannot Change the Container

I would first check the Owner location of the files. The user trying to move the document is not a member of the owner location group then it won't work.



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Re: Cannot Change the Container

There is a bug that is specific to 7.1.1 1828 build.


Users need the delete permission to be able to:


Change the container of a record IF the access controls are based on container




If you right click > administrative tools. You will not have the options to change record type or record number unless you have delete permissions



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