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Bulk rename Titles of existing Records in TRIM

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Bulk rename Titles of existing Records in TRIM

Hi all,


This is my first new post so I hope I'm doing this correctly :)


We are running HP TRIM


A customer has asked me to bulk rename a few hundred existing Records in TRIM, these Records may be of different Record Types, with different Access Control, Caveats and Security applied.  Basically they want to do some house cleaning and rename the Records but not change anything else.


I had a look but couldn't find a straight forward method to do it from TRIM.  A Google search didn't yield any promising results (perhaps I'm not searching for the right keywords).  My last resort is to use TRIMPort, but the text of the Title appears in other fields/areas as well as the Title field, and looks like it can be both time consuming and has more potential for human error.


Before I invest a lot more time into this, just wondering if anyone in the community knows of a better method to bulk rename Record Titles without affecting other properties of the Record?


Thanks for your help.



Tamara Hoagland
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Re: Bulk rename Titles of existing Records in TRIM



You can update Titles in TRIM using the Replace Phrase option, which is available in the right-click menu under Administrative Tools.


You can make changes to a large number of records by using the Tag feature.


To start, perform a Title Word search for records with the word you want to replace (i.e. Depo). If the change is appropriate for all records returned, the use Tag All, if not, then select the records by Tagging them individually. 


When the records have been tagged, right-click, select Administrative Tools and then select Replace Phrase. Check the box for Title Word (excluding others such as Notes, unless the change is required there as well.)


Type in the word you want to replace (i.e. Depo) and then type in the word you wish to replace it with (i.e. Deposit). Confirm Yes to All for the changes to be made to all tagged records and Voila!  


All records will re-index with the updated TItle, but it will take some time, depending on the number. 



1.) If there isn't one specific search that will return all desired results, you could perform multiple searches and send the records needing the change to your Work Tray as a holding place, adding results from each search as appropriate. This would be a time saver vs tagging and changing each search one at a time.

2.) The Administrative Tools are controlled by the Permissions on the User Types. If you don't see the Admin Tools listed, then check your User Type and adjust as needed.


As always, keep in mind that TRIM does not have an undo button, so you should confirm the change is appropriate for the records before proceeding.


Good Luck!




Re: Bulk rename Titles of existing Records in TRIM

Thanks Tamara! That is a very useful feature that I will use often in future I'm sure. I should have stated that for the particular request I have now, the Titles are not consistent enough to use the Replace Phrase feature, as that feature would rely on a consistent word or phrase to be present in the title so that you can basically do a find-and-replace, am I right?

I was wondering if it's possible to export the list of Records' metadata, then re-import a new list with the Titles amended..? I suspected that it may not be that straight forward but thought I would ask anyway :)
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Re: Bulk rename Titles of existing Records in TRIM

Yes, you can do that.  Use TRIMPort (v7) or DataPort (v8) to export the existing meta-data.  You can remove all columns except long number (record number) and title (typed title).  The edit all the titles to suite you needs.  Use TRIMPort to import that updated list and it will update the titles for you.

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Re: Bulk rename Titles of existing Records in TRIM

The Replace Phrase function is an excellent way to go if you have consistent wording that requires replacing (as you correctly surmised).

For more complex bulk title replacements, like Erik suggest... use TRIM/DataPort...

To export, you do not need to use TRIM/DataPort if you do not want to. As an alternative, you can use the 'Print Merge' feature - tag your records, right-click --> Send To --> Print Merge. Tag your fields (Expanded Number & Title Free Text Part) and select the output format (tab delimited is best).

Once exported, just open the txt file in Excel (for example), change the titles, save it back as a tab delimited file, and use TRIM/DataPort to import them back into TRIM/RM8.

Have fun!