Bulk Title Change

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Bulk Title Change


I work for a large governement department, we are using HPRM and we have a Box set up for duplicate/incorrect documents.  we have an agreed title that the uneeded documents should be called but obviously not everyone is following the instructions.  Is there a way to tag the respective documents and rename the title in a bulk amendement? or do they have to be done individually?



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Re: Bulk Title Change

Hi, Technically you can change the Title in bulk at Database level from TSRecord table. I created a scenario with screenshot for you.

Please test this in your non-prod to and validate if suitable to you and your organisation to do these changes at the backend.  Once you change the title , you can test the Title Search from RM to ensure that you get the results etc.

Steps are as follows

- identify the Records from RM which requires the Title Change.

- Identify the Records from your Database (in my case its SQLServer) and match the outcome.

SELECT [uri],[recordId] ,[title] ,[rcRecTypeUri] ,[rcFilePlanUri] ,[rcSecLevel] ,[rcContainerUri] ,[lastActionDateTime]
where rcrecTypeUri in (select uri from [TSRECTYPE] where basetype = 1)

-- Base Type 1 means Document Behavior

- Run Update Statement

set [title] = 'Standard Title Prefix - ' + Title
where ...< your search criteria>

- Ideally run the Title Index (if required).


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Re: Bulk Title Change

You can use DataPort and Excel if you have a bit of knowledge in both.

Tag the records you want to update. Hit copy. Paste into excel.

Youll need the record number (change header to "Expanded Number") and theTitle (Free text Part) fields.

Amend the cells under the title header as required (better if you have excel skills to add prefix suffix replace etc). Save sheet as txt tab delimited.

Open Dataport. Select the dataset, file type etc etc Add the location of your spreadsheet, you MUST have update on duplicate selected, but NOT update revisions. Match up the fields and hit execute. Best to do some trail and error in a test dataset or a small sample in production.  Youll get there.

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Re: Bulk Title Change

I know this is a late reply but....

You can use Classification titling for this. Create a record type just for. unwanted records. Specify Classification titling in the record type properties. Change those records to the new record type and apply the new classification to each record.

Each record title will be prefixed with the name of the new classification in the user interface. Once setup updating new records is a simple task for a junior member of your team.
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Re: Bulk Title Change

Hi Gridley.

One of the easiest ways to do this is still to add a macro to a spreadsheet containing the record number and the title that you want added to the records. SDK macros will give you control and the flexibility to make the changes you want without SQL knowledge or the fun sometimes experienced with dataport.

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Re: Bulk Title Change

How do you set up a macro that would do this?