Automated Part Rule

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Dirk O Hernande
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Automated Part Rule

When is an automated part rule bypassed. I have a rule applied to the Folder record type to create a new part after 200 enclosures. Although some parts are automatically being created I noticed some folders with contents in the excess of 200 records.

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Re: Automated Part Rule

The event processor is responsible for processing the Automated Part Rule triggers.

If there is a big queue on the event server (Lots of events waiting to be processed), then in some cases more items can be placed in the folder before the part rule creates a new part and closes the old part.


This is normal behaviour.

If you want to limit it to no more than 200, then your event processor will need to be processing Automated Part Rule events quickly enough so that no other documents are added before it closes that part.

Sander Hoogwerf
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Re: Automated Part Rule

As Grundy says it's completely normal.

According to Event processor documentation the part creation job runs every 30 minutes, so this means that if people are highly active on creating records (working with document queues comes to mind) you may see quite some more records than you might expect.

You could set the parts creation to process more often, but this will generate a higher load on the database.

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Neil Summers
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Re: Automated Part Rule

Hi Dirk,


Putting the part rule on the record type doesn't mean it's automatically applied to all records of that type - it only applies to newly created folders.


Check that those files with more than 200 contents actually have the part rule on them, and apply it manually if necessary. Right-click - Administrative Tools - Assign Part Rule.




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Re: Automated Part Rule

Automated part rule to close a file after 300 folio's & create a new part has NEVER worked. Logged a job with HP Help Desk about 6 weeks ago & still waiting an outcome/answer. The part rule closes the file but does not create the new part. All datasets I have worked within, the automated part rule has never worked as designed.


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